Bulb Planting

I hope I didn’t mess up today, I planted some bulbs and lavender. The conditions are not the best, the bulbs should have been planted earlier in the fall, I’m hoping that since it doesn’t normally get too cold here they will be fine.

I’m a little more skeptical with the lavender, I should have done a better search on how to sow the seeds than I did, all of the directions I found were for potting. With those directions they all said the seeds need to go through cold stratification (refrigerator) and plant 6 to 8 weeks before warm weather. I figure that by putting them out in the beginning of winter they will get their cold stratification and the weather will start warming up around March which is just over 8 weeks. It may be failure but we are giving it a shot anyway.

I also mixed both the bulbs and the lavender so that may have been a mistake but we will see. This is one of the times documentation is good so if it does fail I will know in the future what not to do!

bulb-bed-near-shed-002Even though my purpose for growing the flowers is to sell there is no reason to have a lousy looking bed so my Nandina bed got widened with a curve. The leaves should have been removed along time ago but since they weren’t they were used to make an outline of the soon to be bed.

bulb-bed-near-shed-003The grass was broken up with the grub hoe and a slightly deeper trench was cut on the edge with the grass to help prevent grass from coming into the bed.

bulb-bed-near-shed-004I had a bulb planter but broke it on the second hole, years ago I had a post hole digger with one handle broken. The side with out the broken handle was kept as a narrow shovel, it worked well here to dig the holes for the bulbs.

bulb-bed-near-shed-006After the bulbs were put in the holes and fish meal fertilizer the bed was raked out and the lavender seed was spread on top of the soil. The final step was putting a couple of inches of mulch (chips from the power company) on top of the bed.

Hopefully it will all work, the bed ended up having 38 tulips, 10 Muscan/Grape Hyacinth bulbs and a handful of lavender seed put in it.

Have a very wonderful Christmas!

P.S. Obviously this is not the first time I have questioned my timing on planting or the way it was done, seeds don’t cost much and I’m tired of waiting for everything to be perfect because it never is, it is time to get going one way or another!

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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