Chicken House Wiring

Earlier I made the comment that the wiring in my chicken coup wasn’t working. I thought it had to do with all the rain we have had lately but that was not the case.

My egg production dropped to 3.5 dozen eggs last week which is not financially sustainable so during a trip to the hardware store today I decided to get more wire to fix what I thought was the problem. After investigating I found a different problem.

img_0153The picture isn’t very good but something has been chewing on the wires under the coup, there isn’t much room to work here so it sure isn’t a perfect fix but I didn’t feel like taking the floor up if I didn’t have too.

The first thing done was to wrap the wires that had their insulation taken off with electrical tape. The breaker for the coup is a GFIC so it trips really easy, sometimes a loose light bulb will cause it to trip, I would rather the breaker trip quick than burn the place down but finding the problem is an issue sometimes, here after looking the problem was found pretty quickly.

Just wrapping the wires didn’t seem sufficient figuring what ever did it before would probably do it again so it was time to put armor on the wires if possible.

Using the table saw with the blade barely sticking up a strip was cut out of a piece of PVC to go over the wires. Running the wires through the PVC would have been better but I didn’t want to disconnect everything to do it.

img_0154After adjusting the length of the PVC it was placed over the wire with the strip of  PVC that was cut out and the cover was taped over the wires.

There still is wire exposed but not as much as before, hopefully this will stop the problem, if it doesn’t I will have to take the floor up. The floor in the coup is designed to come up but when it was being built I nailed it down and figured either the screw heads would be rusted out when I replaced the floor or I would put the new floor in with screws when I had to replace it but nails were faster at the time. By saying it was designed to come up I mean the walls do not sit on the floor, when a house is framed the sub-floor is put on the floor joists then the walls are placed on the sub-flooring, the walls of the coup sit on the floor joists so the OSB doesn’t have to be cut out to get it up.

Hopefully with the lights on the chickens will produce more eggs than they have been since now I can increase the daylight for them, it normally works quite well.

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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