Tractor Repairs

Unfortunately repairs come with a homestead, as I said before if have a ground breaking problem, I don’t think that I will be able to get a tiller this summer which leaves fixing the tractor. The tractor needs to be fixed for many reasons exceeding the need to break ground as well. I have been very slow to work on it, it has actually been a 5 going on 6 year project. I got the clutch in and the gaskets sealed right before Thanksgiving and today I started getting to the head gasket.

I find it very useful to take pictures to take pictures as I go when it comes to disassembling engines. Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to get the head off even though it is no longer bolted down.

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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