Moving Hay

For those with out a working tractor, moving round bales can be a pain in the butt. Earlier I posted pictures of me moving a round bale into the bed of a truck by hand. A couple of things with rolling a round bale, generally they have to be small, for one reason they weight less, another reason is that since they weigh less they don’t get flat spots on them as much. If you have larger bales they can be impossible to move by hand. I have tried all sorts of different ways to move them and generally it’s not pretty.

I accidentally discovered a good way to move bales off of a trailer and/or onto another trailer. When I stumbled upon it, my plan was too get a rope under the round bale tying the bottom part of the rope onto the trailer and pulling the top with a 4 wheeler but when I went to tighten the rope I accidentally rolled the bale by myself.

Unfortunately sometimes I have to keep some bales on the trailer, no matter how well the bales are covered they absorb water from the wood they are on, even though it isn’t much it adds to making the bottom flatter.

On the left I am having to lift the bale up enough with the boards to get the rope under the bale. On the right you can see the tailgate of my smaller trailer with the rope on the deck going under and up over the bale, the top part of the rope is being held in the air.


Even though I am not doing it here it is helpful to have a place to brace your feet, here, I am easily pulling the rope and rolling the bale towards me, the rope isn’t tied to anything on either side.


The bale is now on a trailer that the 4 wheeler can handle.


If you feed round bales it is very important to have a feeder for the animals or they will waste a lot of hay, keeping it under a roof is a very good idea too.

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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