Irrigation (soaker hoses)

Soaker hoses are probably one of the more simple irrigation forms. They are very similar to a hose in that diameter is the same and the ends are the same, there is a cap that threads on the end if you desire the Water flow to terminate there. Soaker Hoses are made of permeable rubber that allows water to soak through to the outside.

Soaker hoses can be used by either laying them on top of the soil/mulch And weave the hose along the plants. On top of the soil the hoses can be moved as needed to meet needs in other locations.

Soaker hoses can be buried also, normally just under mulch, this does help with evaporation control but it is difficult to move the hoses if desired later.

In general I think they work well when less than 50 feet is used, it could be tempting to connect more than two hoses together but beyond the first two water is not distributed in an even manner. Since beyond 50 feet of hose is inconsistent I would refrain from doing so but short distances work well. They do only water their immediate area, no spray, so the hose does need to go by each plant making large scale watering impractical.

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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