As previously posted, often working on our vehicles causes problems when it comes to getting other homestead work done. An easy question to ask would be why not have someone else do it?

That would normally be a good question, actually it is a good question that I don’t address enough when it comes to living on rural land. One of my last posts had to do with my wife’s AC in her car. It was a pain but finally it got done just short of Taking the bumper off.

Why I do it? It would be easy to say I got a sense of accomplishment out of it but that wouldn’t be the reason, I could say to save money, it’s true I normally save 50-75% of the cost but that’s not it either. It really comes down to time. Living rurally it takes at least a day to take it somewhere.

It took about 4 hours even though it was spread over several days compared to a day drop off.

Two oil changes in an hour with some hard cider verses1 day of shuffling cars. Even though it takes time when it comes to time and convenientse it works better if I do most stuff.

Author: millcreekhomestead

Just a stay at home Dad trying to become more self sufficient in a world getting more dependent. It’s easy to get lost in all the things of the world, sometimes the best therapy is getting your hands dirty and growing something good!

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