Cleaning Beds

Last summer the weeds got a bit crazy, I was still trying to get used to having a toddler around, despite the weeds the garden did pretty well.

Now it’s time to start think about next year. I started pulling up the weeds and old crop stubble.

I piled it in rows, hopefully it will dry enough to burn it in the garden and then hopefully it will be covered with plastic in the attempt to kill any weeds coming up. I have never tried this really but have heard it works well, we will see.

Winter Germination

Lettuce started coming up in the cold frame. With winter plants I feel like there is a line to walk, don’t want temperatures to get too high or too cold but when I sow seeds I keep the doors closed because I want the soil temperature to get high enough for the seeds to germinate, after the germinate I will keep the doors open most of the time so it doesn’t get too warm.

Corn Pollination

Even though you will find insects on corn flowers they are prominently pollinated by wind. Corn should be planted in squares, not rows. I have tried over the past few years to plant 2 rows of corn but it just doesn’t work.

Unfortunately with poor pollination you get poorly developed ears. My conclusion is that for best results you really need to plant a good amount of corn for proper pollination to take place, each kernel is a flower that was pollinated, each empty space was a flower that was not pollinated.


This year I had two planting’s, the first was with seeds older than 4 years, some came up, green beans and corn mostly but the germination rate was low.

The second planting was with seeds from this year and all is going fairly well. My nemesis, the weeds, are pretty rampant.

I was keeping up with the weeds pretty well until we had to leave for a week and then it got crazy but even with the weeds the garden plants seem to be doing pretty well.

Bee Equipment

I still haven’t figured out the best way to store all the hive bodies and for that matter really the frames with foundations. They are susceptible to mold, bugs and are easily damaged. Being well ventilated is supposed to help with moths and has seemed to work but still there are lots of problems.

I have found a really good way to store all the other gear like the hive tools, veil, protective clothes and lighters. I used to keep them in a plastic box but they are flimsy, the lid is easily knocked off and being one big container it can be difficult to keep organized.

A big tool box works well.

It’s durable, has wheels, a tray for hive tools and brushes and the top lid has two compartments I put lighters in. In addition to the tray being used for normal tools it is a good place to put my wedding ring if I forgot to take it off in the house, I never go in a hive wearing a ring just in case I get stung and there is swelling, it’s not worth the risk.